Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of a video production team are composed of a Producer, Director, Associate Director, Stage Managers, Camera Operators, Teleprompter Operators, Lighting Directors, Audio Operators , Technical Directors, Graphics Operators, Video Operators, Editors, and the Television Performers.

The Producer is the one who makes sure that all the things needed in the production is present. In general, the producer is in charge of the overall organization of the production, the one who budgets the production and the one who make sure that it will be finished on time.

The Director is the one who takes control of the flow of the taping. He directs all the task needed in the production and decides whether the scenes is already ok or needed some extension. He is also the one who analyzes the script and decide what scenes are suitable for that particular taping.

The Associate Director or also known as Assistant Director serves as a helping hand for the director. He reminds the director if something is missing or not taken into account. Also the Associate Director serves as bridge to the other crew, because the director is busy in the taping, he is the one who will relay the message of the director to the other crew.

The Stage Manager is the one in charge of the what is happening in the studio. He is the one who communicate with the talent and give signals or flip cards to let them know what to do. Basically, the Stage Manager is the one who takes care of the talent and the one who attends to their needs.

The Camera Operators are the one who manage the camera. They need to know how the camera operate to make sure that the angle is right and the pictures taken have good quality.

The Teleprompter Operators are the one who controls the teleprompter. They make sure that the scripts projected in the teleprompter is in the right pace so that the talent will not be confuse when reading the script.

The Lighting Directors is the one in charge of the lighting in the studio. They make sure that the place is well lighted. They also make sure that all lights are functioning well. Also they are the one who adjust the light to create the proper mood or emotion to the place.

The Audio Operators are the one responsible for the sound. They make sure that the sound generated in the microphone is good. If any sound effects is needed they are the one who controls it. Also they make sure that all microphones in the set is functioning well.

The Technical Directors are the one who operates the switcher. They are the one who controls which video signal will be shown. Also they assist the crew and if ever there will be a problem with the equipments the technical directors are the one who will fix it.

The Graphics Operators are the one who is in charge of the computer system used in the production. They are the one who creates the words, drawings and other visual effects in the production.

The Video Operators are the one who is responsible for the recordings. They playback the video and make sure that the output is good and well cued. They make sure that the machine is well functioning and the tapes needed is well inserted to the machine for the recording.

The Editors are the one who is responsible for the editing. They put together the pieces taken from the recording to create a good outcome. Mainly the editors work is to edit the scenes taken to make the video more beautiful and unified.

The Television Performers are the actors and reporters in the production. There main purpose is to capture attention of the audience. They are the front line in the production because they are the one communicating with the viewers.

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