Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a stop-motion animation that we created as a class group project.
The film tells about a story of a guy who was rejected and hurt by the girl he loves.
He was so depressed and sick & tired of crying. So he made a list composed of 4 suicidal attempts.
But when he did those attempts on the said list he always fails. The rope broke when he tried to hung himself. the gun wont work when he tried to shoot himself,and even the razor is nit sharp enough to severe his wrist. Then he reached his last attempt which is to jump of a bridge. As he was sitting on the bridge and reading the list for the last time,he noticed that there is someone sitting at the edge on the other end of the bridge. And he saw that it was a girl who also happens to have a list and was also planning to jump off that bridge. And then their eyes met and the story ends!BANG!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"a tragic love story"

This silent-short-animation tells a story about a CHIP and a CHOCOLATE. They met inside a vending machine. The girl is named Doritos and the guy is Butterfinger.

Unfortunately, after several days, here came this customer and got Doritos. Butterfiner was so terrified and was in so much pain.

Luckely,a few days after the incident another costumer came and got Butterfinger. Butterfinger was so happy because finally he will be with his love Doritos. And then they both ended up in the trash can.

"The Eligie"

The idea was a tragic extract from Ovid's well known mythology, Pygmalion and Galatea with an unexpected ending.

In Ovid's Pygmalion story, the sculptor is a married man. His wife, Cynisca, at first encourages his interest in his statue, Galatea. Cynisca is often away, and she doesn't want her husband to be bored. When the statue comes to life, however, matters become complex. Galatea is born so innocent that she appears wayward and disrupts the lives she touches during her less-than-twenty-four hours in the flesh. Under the fire of Cynisca's jealousy, Galatea decides that her original state was happier, and turns back into a statue.

But in this animation the statue when she came alive she was somehow knows and understand some of the things around her and how she was made. And decided to kill the man who made her. this ending was tragic and somehow different from the original story. And this what made the animation good to watch,well,for me,coz its tragic! :)


Written and directed by Tim Burton

In 1982, Burton made his first short, Vincent, a six-minute stop-motion film about a young boy who fantasizes that he is his (and Burton's) screen idol Vincent Price, with Price himself providing narration.

this short stop motion film is very dark yet so good. it talks about the story of vincent malloy who fantasizes to be vincent price. his world which he imagine is dark and macabre and thats what makes it good to watch. :)

"Vincent Malloy is seven years old,
He's always polite and does what he's told.
For a boy his age he's considerate and nice,
But he wants to be just like Vincent Price.
He doesn't mind living with his sister, dog and cat,
Though he'd rather share a home with spiders and bats.
There he could reflect on the horrors he's invented,
And wander dark hallways alone and tormented.
Vincent is nice when his aunt comes to see him,
But imagines dipping her in wax for his wax museum.
He likes to experiment on his dog Abercrombie,
In the hopes of creating a horrible zombie.
So he and his horrible zombie dog,
Could go searching for victims in the London fog.
His thoughts aren't only of ghoulish crime,
He likes to paint and read to pass the time.
While other kids read books like Go Jane Go,
Vincent's favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe.
One night while reading a gruesome tale,
He read a passage that made him turn pale.
Such horrible news he could not survive,
For his beautiful wife had been buried alive.
He dug out her grave to make sure she was dead,
Unaware that her grave was his mother's flower bed.
His mother sent Vincent off to his room,
He knew he'd been banished to the tower of doom.
Where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life,
Alone with a portrait of his beautiful wife.
While alone and insane, encased in his tomb,
Vincent's mother suddenly burst into the room.
"If you want to you can go outside and play.
It's sunny outside and a beautiful day."
Vincent tried to talk, but he just couldn't speak,
The years of isolation had made him quite weak.
So he took out some paper, and scrawled with a pen,
"I am possessed by this house, and can never leave it again."
His mother said, "You're not possessed, and you're not almost dead.
These games that you play are all in your head.
You're not Vincent Price, you're Vincent Malloy.
You're not tormented or insane, you're just a young boy."
"You're seven years old, and you're my son,
I want you to get outside and have some real fun."
Her anger now spent, she walked out through the hall,
While Vincent backed slowly against the wall.
The room started to sway, to shiver and creak.
His horrid insanity had reached its peak.
He saw Abercrombie his zombie slave,
And heard his wife call from beyond the grave.
She spoke from her coffin, and made ghoulish demands.
While through cracking walls reached skeleton hands.
Every horror in his life that had crept through his dreams,
Swept his mad laugh to terrified screams.
To escape the madness, he reached for the door,
But fell limp and lifeless down on the floor.
His voice was soft and very slow,
As he quoted The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe,
"And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor,
Shall be lifted - Nevermore!"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I cut my myself today
and I started to bleed
The pain is so intense
and I start to scream

I cut myself today
and I start to cry
why did I do this?
I don't want to die

I crawl to the door
I'm at the top of the stairs
I try and yell for help
But the words don't come out

I try to get up
but my knees are so weak
I take my last breath
with one tear rolling down my cheek

This pain i couldnt bear
Too much for me i swear
my heart is screaming "i want to die"
I hate to say this but....... GOODBYE... :x

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ITMM - Jill in the well

i edited this short film using ADOBE PREMIERE.

This movie is about two guys,jack and jack. They were so exhausted and thirsty because it was so hot. so they went into a well to drink water. Then later they realized that there was someone inside the well,it was jill. And it scared the hell out of them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Review on Ricky Lee's Trip to Quiapo

Sa Trip to Quiapo: Scriptwriting Manual ni Ricky Lee, ibinabahagi ni Ricky lahat ng kanyang natutunan sa loob ng labing walong taong pagsusulat ng scripts sa pelikula at sa TV, pagtuturo ng scriptwriting sa UP at Ateneo, at pagku conduct ng scriptwriting workshops. Ang manual na ito ay librong walang kapareho. Ipinakikita nito step-by-step ang pagsulat ng script, pormula man o alternatibo, mula concept hanggang final draft; pero hindi lang pagharap sa papel ang ibinabahagi nito kundo pagharap din sa buhay.
Gusto mong magsulat at humabi ng kuwento na makikita mong mabigyang buhay sa pinilakang-tabing?

Basahin mo ang Scriptwriting Manual ni Ricky Lee at dadalhin ka nito sa Quiapo kung saan haharapin mo ang iba't-ibang klase ng daan. Ang aklat ay tinuturuan ka kung paano magsulat ng script ngunit hindi nito ginagarantiya na maging magaling kang manunulat. Dahil ipinapakita nito ang katotohanan na maraming kaakibat ang pagiging manunulat sa sine at telebishon. Kung hindi mo kayang sikmurain ang mga banat at pangaalipusta sa mga gawa mo, hinding-hindi ka gagaling. Kung hahayaan mo lang mabulok sa baul ang mga akda mo, walang makakapansin kung meron kang angking galing at walang huhulma sa iyong natatagong talento.

Matapos kong basahin ang libro. Nahimok ako lalo nitong magsulat. Makakatulong kasi ito sa mga nangangarap na maging kagaya ni Ricky Lee.

Ang pagkakasulat nito ay hindi pormal. Para ka na ring kinukuwentuhan ni Ricky Lee. Madaling intindihin at meron pang mga excerpts sa mga pelikulang sinulat niya at sinulat ng iba pang magagaling na scriptwriters. Basahin niyo na at tuparin ang pangarap! Dito ka magsimula, ang pamasahe mo patungong Quiapo.

Ito ay isang review mula sa isang aklat ni Ricky Lee na pinamagatang "Trip to Quiapo". Ang aklat na to ay isang scriptwriting manual. Pero hindi ka tuturuan nito kung paano magsulat ng script. Dahil ang buhay mo ang gagawa nun. Tuturuan ka nito kung ano ang gagawin mo kung ikaw ang may balak na gumawa o sumulat ng isang script, kung ano ang mga diskarte o approach na gagawin mo at ang mga paraan sa pagsulat ng isang mahusay na script.

Nais sabihin ng aklat na to na sa pagsulat ng isang script hindi mo kailangang sumunod sa mga nakagawiang bagay o pamamaraan sa pagsulat ng script. Gumawa ka ng sarili mong pamamaraan at diskarte kung paano mo isusulat ang script. You dont need to do the usual thing and follow the common rules on script writing, you have to find other ways to do it. Learn to explore and experiment para maiba naman. Ayon pa sa libro "Ang rules ay nandiyan para sirain. Nagawa na nila lahat, ba’t mo pa gagawin? Nakarating na sila sa Quiapo, ba’t ka pa pupunta doon?".

Sa pagsusulat ng script kailangang ibuklad mo ang lahat ng alam at mga natutunan mo. Ang natutunan sa pamamagitan ng pag-aaral ay hindi sapat. Kailangan maranasan din natin ito. Experience is the best teacher ika nga nila. Dahil kapag naranasan mo ang isang bagay hindi lng ito tatagus sa utak mo, kundi pati na rin sa puso at kaluluwa mo. Di gaya sa mga bagay na pinagaralan mo lng, gaya ng pagbasa nito, didiretso lamang ito sa ulo, kung minsan pa ngay lalabas lang sa kabilang tenga.

Sa pagsusulat ng script ang pinakakalaban mo ay ang iyong sarili. Huwag mong hayaang lamunin ka ng takot at pagdududa. Magtiwala ka, huwag kang matakot magsulat. Huwag mong sabihin na hindi ka pa handa, dahil kailanman hindi dadating ang panahong handa kana. Mangyayari lamang ito pag sinimulan mo na.

Ang pangunahing kasangkapan ng manunulat maliban sa papel at ballpen ay ang kanyang imahinasyon.Ayon nga kay Vladimir Nabokov. “Literature was not born the day when a boy crying ‘wolf, wolf’ came running out of the Neanderthal valley with a big gray wolf at his heels. Literature was born on the day when a boy came crying ‘wolf, wolf’ and there was no wolf behind him.” Dito pumapasok ang konsepto ng meron at wala. Ang isang pelikula ay hindi kumpleto pag puro mga bagay na meron lamang, dapat andun din ang mga bagay na wala. Para ma exercise ang ating imahinasyon. Dahil pinupunan ng ating imahinasyon ang mga elementong wala sa mga bagay na iyon, at dahil dito lubusan natin itong naiintindihan.

Ngayon, sa mga panahong ito, sobra sa dami ang mga elements, at lahat ay ibinibigay na sa’yo. Dahil wala ka nang panahong gumamit pa ng imahinasyon. Dahil napakarami pang ibang mga elementong naghihintay para bigyan mo ng pansin. Kaya nakaupo ka at tanggap na lang nang tanggap. Nagiging passive ka. Nagugutom ang imahinasyon. Isang trahedya ng ating panahon, hindi na tayo marunong tumingin sa wala. Naiinip tayo pag may blangko.

Ni hindi na tayo marunong makinig. Pag nakikinig tayo ng kanta, kailangang may binubulatlat din tayong magasin, o kaya’y lilinga-linga tayo, o kaya’y babasagin natin ang lahat sa pamamagitan ng pagsasalita. Para tayong TV. Kailangang may commercial gaps. Hindi puwedeng tuluy-tuloy ang isang bagay. Nababalisa tayo. We do not know how to keep still. Kaya hindi tayo natututong mag-focus. Maiksi ang attention span. Palakdaw-lakdaw tayo sa napakaraming bagay pero walang lalim. Walang tutok ang ating isipan.

Pero kung ikaw ay magsusulat kailangan mong tumutok. Kailangan mong mag focus sa iyong mga sinusulat, sa ballpen na hawak mo at sa papel na sinusulatan mo. Ang ma-nunulat ay kailangang tumingin nang tumingin para makakuha ng materyal na konsepto at idea. At ang tunay na pagtingin, sa isang bagay man o pangyayari sa palibot natin, ay iyong klase ng pagtingin na parang mawawala ang mga mata mo, mawawala ang mga kamay mo, at mawawala ang katawan mo. At one ka na sa tinitingnan mo. Parang nagiging isa kayo sa tinitingnan mo.

Then you will notice na umaakyat ka na sa ikalawang level. Transcendental ang tawag dito. Nakagawa ka na ng koneksyon sa sinusulat mo, hanggang sa ni hindi mo na nararamdaman ang koneksyon na iyon.
Ganito rin pag nagsusulat ka. Sa unang level ng pagsusulat ay naroroon pa rin ang mga kamay mo, naroron pa rin ang mga mata mo, naroroon pa rin ang buong katawan mo. Craft ang pinaiiral mo at techniques and devices ang ginagamit mo.
Pero pag nakarating ka na sa ikalawang level, mawawala rin ang mga kamay mo, mawawala rin ang mga mata mo, mawawala rin ang buong katawan mo. At one ka na sa sinusulat mo. Nawala na ang materyal na mundo at nawala ka na rin. Ang kaluluwa mo at ang kaluluwa ng sinusulat mo ang nag uusap.

The Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of a video production team are composed of a Producer, Director, Associate Director, Stage Managers, Camera Operators, Teleprompter Operators, Lighting Directors, Audio Operators , Technical Directors, Graphics Operators, Video Operators, Editors, and the Television Performers.

The Producer is the one who makes sure that all the things needed in the production is present. In general, the producer is in charge of the overall organization of the production, the one who budgets the production and the one who make sure that it will be finished on time.

The Director is the one who takes control of the flow of the taping. He directs all the task needed in the production and decides whether the scenes is already ok or needed some extension. He is also the one who analyzes the script and decide what scenes are suitable for that particular taping.

The Associate Director or also known as Assistant Director serves as a helping hand for the director. He reminds the director if something is missing or not taken into account. Also the Associate Director serves as bridge to the other crew, because the director is busy in the taping, he is the one who will relay the message of the director to the other crew.

The Stage Manager is the one in charge of the what is happening in the studio. He is the one who communicate with the talent and give signals or flip cards to let them know what to do. Basically, the Stage Manager is the one who takes care of the talent and the one who attends to their needs.

The Camera Operators are the one who manage the camera. They need to know how the camera operate to make sure that the angle is right and the pictures taken have good quality.

The Teleprompter Operators are the one who controls the teleprompter. They make sure that the scripts projected in the teleprompter is in the right pace so that the talent will not be confuse when reading the script.

The Lighting Directors is the one in charge of the lighting in the studio. They make sure that the place is well lighted. They also make sure that all lights are functioning well. Also they are the one who adjust the light to create the proper mood or emotion to the place.

The Audio Operators are the one responsible for the sound. They make sure that the sound generated in the microphone is good. If any sound effects is needed they are the one who controls it. Also they make sure that all microphones in the set is functioning well.

The Technical Directors are the one who operates the switcher. They are the one who controls which video signal will be shown. Also they assist the crew and if ever there will be a problem with the equipments the technical directors are the one who will fix it.

The Graphics Operators are the one who is in charge of the computer system used in the production. They are the one who creates the words, drawings and other visual effects in the production.

The Video Operators are the one who is responsible for the recordings. They playback the video and make sure that the output is good and well cued. They make sure that the machine is well functioning and the tapes needed is well inserted to the machine for the recording.

The Editors are the one who is responsible for the editing. They put together the pieces taken from the recording to create a good outcome. Mainly the editors work is to edit the scenes taken to make the video more beautiful and unified.

The Television Performers are the actors and reporters in the production. There main purpose is to capture attention of the audience. They are the front line in the production because they are the one communicating with the viewers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This is the latest deck from Discipline Skateboards, and will be out late November 2007. It is the brain child of Artist Garry Milne and I. I came up with the idea and Garry realised it in his own style (he did most of the work).

Visit www.DisciplineSkateboards.com for upto date info.

Kryptonics Logo Series Skull Complete Skateboard

This Kryptonics Logo Series Skull complete skateboard features a 9-ply maple blend deck with a Pro shape and a deep concave. It's set-up with Kryptonics trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, 54-mm wheels, and full griptape.
Visit amazon.com for more detail.

Skate Fashion - KREW jeans

Kr3w, Vintage Black, Jeans

Kr2w Vintage denim jeans with print inside waist bank and inside pockets, K logo embroidery on back pocket, button fly. 18 inch raise.Size Guide(inches) waist/inside leg/ankle30/33/1838/35/20

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