Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is a stop-motion animation that we created as a class group project.
The film tells about a story of a guy who was rejected and hurt by the girl he loves.
He was so depressed and sick & tired of crying. So he made a list composed of 4 suicidal attempts.
But when he did those attempts on the said list he always fails. The rope broke when he tried to hung himself. the gun wont work when he tried to shoot himself,and even the razor is nit sharp enough to severe his wrist. Then he reached his last attempt which is to jump of a bridge. As he was sitting on the bridge and reading the list for the last time,he noticed that there is someone sitting at the edge on the other end of the bridge. And he saw that it was a girl who also happens to have a list and was also planning to jump off that bridge. And then their eyes met and the story ends!BANG!

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